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Fr. Justin Kang's Interview with Korean newspaper

<Fr. Justin Kang at his study. The unique Cross of Russian Orthodox Church is seen, which is called the Cross of 8 edges, or the Galileean Cross>

<Fr. Justin in his early twenties-The Korean Blessed Martyrs' Monastery>

In this interview, Fr. Justin introduced the origin of the Cross of RUssian Orthodox Church, the spirituality of Russian Orthodox Church, the history of Russian Orthodox Church (the Bolshevic revolution and the establishment of the Synod of Bishops, the Russian Orthodox Church Outside of Russia. .Fr. Justin concluded his interview by briefly explaining the 100 years of history of Russian Orthodox Church in Korea from end of 19th century.

Fr. Justin concluded the interview emphasizing the role of religion in society, especially the role of Russian Orthodox Church (both Russian Orthodox Church Outside of Russia and Moscow Patriarchate) for establishing the permanent peace in north east Asia region. He also mentioned his enthusiam to propagate the Orthodox monaticism in Korea.

[Fr. Justin Kang was born in 1939 in Kangwon-do, Korea, he studied Orthodox theology at Greek Orthodox seminary in Korea, he has a master degree in missionary theology from the Korean Theological (Presbyterian) seminary. He also studied the Liturgical practice and Church Slavonic at St. Petersburg Theological Academy, Russia. He had served at Greek Orthodox parish in Pusan, Korea. Since 1994, he has been serving as the administrator of Korean Orthodox Mission, Russian Orthodox Church Outside of Russia. He wrote and translated about ten Korean books on Orthodox theology including "Introduction to Orthodox Church", "The History and Theology of Eastern Orthodox Church".]

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